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04 Send Calls Home Via Messenger

Send Calls Home Via Messenger

Classroom messaging allows teachers to quickly and easily give parents an update about their student’s behavior and progress in school.  SchoolMessenger has nearly 200 premade messages to choose from, covering subjects such as:

  • Bad Behavior:  There are many pre-made messages covering instances of bad behavior, such as chewing gum in class, falling asleep, or disrupting others.
  • Good Behavior:  Messages concerning good behavior, such as having a great attitude, staying focused, and working efficiently, are also included.
  • Academic Challenges:  Let parents know if their student’s academic performance needs to improve, if the student missed a homework assignment, ask a parent to schedule a conference, and more.
  • Academic Successes:  Messages to let parents know their student did a good job in class, got a great score on a test, that their grade is improving, and more.
  • Facilitate Organization:  Let parents know when a student has been assigned a homework assignment, has an upcoming test, should be receiving a report card, and more.

Note:  The recommended browser to use with SchoolMessenger is Firefox.

Selecting Messages

To navigate to the main Classroom Messaging screen, go in to SchoolMessenger ( and follow these steps:

Broadcasts tab
Classroom comments 1
Classroom comments 2

Hint:  If you have selected multiple students and attached a message to them, you can further modify each individual student by selecting the student on their own and adding additional messages as needed.

Classroom comments 3

Additional information:

  • Classroom comments from all teachers are combined into one phone call home.
  • Calls are sent home at 6:00 pm each night.
  • Comments can be added and removed any time prior to the nightly cutoff, which is 5:59 pm.
  • To remove a comment, click on the box in front of the selected comment to remove the “x”.
  • Always click “Done Picking Comments” after you have added or removed comments.  It is your “Save” button.
  • Firefox is the recommended browser to use.