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Technology Exercises For Staff

A.  Take A "Selfie".
Taking a snapshot of yourself is easy and fun with PhotoBooth on the Mac (red icon on your desktop).  Once open, click the red camera button below the picture.  On the count of 3 your snapshot is taken.  When you have at least one snap you like, drag it to the Desktop.  You can upload this picture from your Desktop to email, web pages, etc.  Get busy!  You have one minute!

B.  Create And Publish a Professional Page.
What is a "Professional Page"?  When published, it's your own one-page website that may be reached by hyperlink from the Hamilton Staff List.  Many Hamilton teachers have already made one.  Take a minute and check out these Professional Page Ideas offered by other teachers at Hamilton.  If you brought a quote with you today, now please follow these directions to post your quote and selfie to your Professional Page.  If you didn't come with a quote, go find one now!  You have 5 minutes.

C.  Visit the Technology Discussion Board & Join Diigo.
At Hamilton, what have other teachers tried to improve student learning using technology?  The ideal place to document efforts like this is our new Technology Discussion Board.  Anyone in the world can visit and read this page.  However, to add items to the page or post comments, you must have a free Diigo account.  Create one now to get started.  You have two minutes.

D.  Preview The 4 Bold Deeds. (Required to Get Your "Technology Merit Pin")
Would you like to receive one of our jewelry-quality recognition Pins?  Follow the pictorial directions below to complete these 4 Bold Deeds!  If you have followed along today, the first Deed is now complete.  Take a look at the others to see what's involved?  You have one minute.

E.  Complete the Exit Slip and Turn In.
Please a couple of minutes to complete the Exit Slip we've provided and leave it in the black tray on the trapezoid-shaped table to your right on the way out.  What questions did today's Exercise leave in your mind?  What plusses and deltas could you identify?  If you would like to arrange a meeting with Mr. Creamer and/or our college aides to discuss ideas to try with your class, what day and time?  And finally, what changes could you suggest to make our school website more vital and helpful?  Topic ideas for new articles, new pages, and new features are welcome.