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Teacher Appreciation Week May 9-13

Hamilton Teacher Appreciation, May 9-13

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Do you have a favorite teacher, present or past?  Most people do.  In fact, most can attest to the huge influence that some particular teacher has had on their lives—perhaps it was a boost of confidence when they really needed one, or maybe extra help given when they had trouble.  Perhaps the teacher simply provided a welcoming environment when everything else in the student’s life seemed out of control.

Last week the National PTA and National Education Association encouraged students and former students across the U.S. to say thanks to special teachers by posting pictures of themselves and the teacher on social media, or simply holding up a piece of paper bearing a Thank You message and telling their reason for thanking the teacher (hashtag #ThankATeacher).

This week, May 9-13, Hamilton MS Student Council picks up the theme with the following (fully optional!) suggestions for Hamilton students or parents who would like to recognize their teacher and/or say thanks for good work:

  • Monday, May 9    - Give a Fist Pump or High Five
  • Tuesday, May 10 - Give a Verbal Compliment
  • Wednesday, May 11 - Send a Note, Card, Letter
  • Thursday, May 12 - Give A Goodie (Store-bought treat or small gift)
  • Friday, May 13 - Share Flowers (Buy, Make or Pick)

If you appreciate your teacher, it’s certain the teacher will appreciate you saying so.  Why not take a moment to share a kind word with them or send them something nice?  It will make you feel good, too.