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Site Nights

Site Nights Begin Final Countdown to High School Choice

For eighth graders across Long Beach Unified School District, the race is on to apply to and be accepted by a high school program that fits their personal and career interests.

Of course, every student is entitled to priority admission to their neighborhood “school of residence,” the high school that most closely serves the area where they live. 

Neighborhood Boundaries Not Sole Determinant

However, students may also apply to schools of choice outside their neighborhood.  In fact, several LBUSD schools—McBride, CAMS, and Renaissance—have no neighborhood boundaries at all. 

Furthermore, a number of specialized Pathway programs (small learning communities), available at various schools in the District, have minimum academic entrance requirements, and competitive admission.

Time For Decision Drawing Near

The bottom line?  High School Choice 2015-16 is in the final stretch, leading to December 14, when the Application Window opens, and ending on January 13, the last day for filing applications.

Meanwhile,  for prospective students and their families, LBUSD high schools have issued one final open invitation to visit campus, to meet school personnel, and to collect data, at special “Site Nights” scheduled over the next three weeks,

The Site Nights are mostly in the evening, but note Cabrillo has a “Site Morning” planned for Saturday, Dec. 5 (see table below). 

Note:  click to view the Downloadable District Map (right-click same link to save).  For comparison data and links to school websites, click the "High School Choice" banner at right.

Benefits:  A More Comfortable Transition

If you have already decided which High School you would like to attend, the Site Night gives you an opportunity to visit, to meet staff members, and to begin to imagine yourself as a high school student there and (eventually!) a graduate.

If you haven’t yet decided on a High School, your Site Night experience can provide you and your family very valuable input to help you make your decision.  How easy or difficult is getting to this school, for you?  What does the school look like?  Who are some of the people working there?

And think of this--when the first day of school arrives, if you've been to the Site Night, not everything will be new and strange.  You'll already be an old hand getting to your new school.  You've been there before!