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02 Reserve A Computer Lab or Cart

For this example, assume you are Mr. Smith, the new Latin teacher at Hamilton in Room 210, and you want to reserve the lab in 304 for October 24 during periods 1, 2, and 5. Here's what you do:

1. Log into Schoolloop at

2. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click "Groups."


3. Select the lab or computer cart you would like to use.

           Menu selection

4. To get a broad view of the availability of the lab or cart, click the gold calendar which displays "Month View."

         Calendar view

5. On the Month View, verify that the lab or cart is available period/s and day/s that you want. (For our example, we seem to be ok).

Month view
6. To create a new listing, click the number on the calendar for the day you would like ("24" for our example because we want to use the lab on October 24).

Select date
7. Hover your mouse over "Add Events" and select "General Event."

Event selection
8. On the "New Event" screen, the date should already be correct, but check to be sure.

Check event date
9. Now add your information under "When and Where" and "Event" as Mr. Smith did here. Pay special attention to your title because that is what will appear on the calendar. Use the following format: 1) Room number 2) Your last name 3) A Brief description and 4) Period(s) you are reserving. When you are done, click "Publish."

Add event reservation details
10. Click the gold "Month View" to verify that everything is correct for your reservation.