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16 Redeploy a Google Forms Quiz

How to Give To Your Own Class A Google Forms Quiz that Someone Shares With You

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So, say one of your colleagues has made a Google Forms Quiz that you'd like to use with your own class.  How can you make that Quiz your own?

The following pictorial slides show how to do this, in six short steps.  Note:  to jump directly to the slides showing a particular step, click on the step in the following list--it's a link!

  1. Have the author of the Quiz make a copy of the quiz for you, then share the copy with you.
  2. Open the quiz from your email, then make your own copy.
  3. Create a new spreadsheet, linked to the new quiz copy, to record student responses.
  4. Create a shortened URL for your quiz.   Also choose to have it automatically collect students’ LBUSD usernames.
  5. Post the URL on your portal in SchoolLoop or on the Lab Portal, so your students can easily access it.
  6. When students finish, hand-enter their scores into SchoolLoop.

Quiz copy
Google permissions

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Copy quiz
Name quiz

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spreadsheetCreate spreadsheet
Option menus
Selection option
Create spreadsheet
Google sheets

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Short URL
Send form options

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Add URL to SchoolLoop

Note:  The slides below show how to post your quiz link in a Locker.  If you are familiar with the other SchoolLoop page elements, you can of course alternatively embed it on your page using the Rich Text, News, or Notes/Blog controls, as an announcement in a set of directions.  [Thank you for this suggestion, Ms. Holler!]

Add SchoolLoop locker
Choose link option
Post link
Check quiz link
Take quiz

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Enter scores

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