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PSAT 2016

All 8th Graders to take PSAT Today

College Testing 2016
Attention, Hamilton 8th!  On October 19, you will take a major step towards realizing your College Promise.  That day, you’ll try your skill on the PSAT:  the “Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test”.

LBUSD sponsors this test each year, to help prepare you for college.  The PSAT, and all the tests that follow it, measure your college readiness in reading, writing, language, and math.  

It takes approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes, plus 35 minutes for administration, to complete the 8th and 9th-grade version that you will take on that day. 

Your Climb to the Top

As you set your mind to do well on the PSAT, you are stepping onto a ladder that climbs to scholarships, financial aid, and college admission.  As you reach each step, you can repeatedly test and improve your skills.  Your teachers and our school are here to help you.

Waiting at the top of the ladder are college, a responsible job, accomplishments & recognition, and a fulfilled life.

All you need to prepare for this challenge is to be in class every day!   Interestingly, this year’s PSAT has been completely redesigned.  For further information and full details, please click below:  

2016 PSAT Fact Sheet [English] (PDF)

2016 PSAT Fact Sheet [Spanish] (PDF)