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Save Your Word Document In School Loop

So here's the situation!  A)  You have typed a short essay in Microsoft Word.  B)  You want to save the assignment in your Personal Locker, so you can work on it later, maybe at home.  What do you do?


Welcome; I'll Lead You Through The Steps!


1.  First, save the file to your Desktop.

  • From the top menu, choose File / Save As...  A dialog box will open.
  • In the "Save As" field, type a name for your document that will remind you what the document is.
  • In the "Where" drop-down box, choose to save your file to the Desktop.
  • Click Save.
  • Verify that a new icon has appeared on your Desktop.  (This is your saved file.)


2.  Log into School Loop and Open Your Locker.

  • Close Word (if it's still open).  Open Firefox.
  • Surf to the the school web page (in this example:
  • Click the Login button for School Loop.
  • Enter your user name and password.  Click Login.
  • Click on the My Locker icon (top of page).  The contents of your Locker are shown.


3.  Add the file to your Locker.

  • Click the Add button, then select Choose File.
  • At the top of the File Upload dialog box, select Desktop from the drop-down menu (it's where the file you want to upload is currently stored).  A list of the files currently stored on your Desktop will appear.
  • Click once on the name of the file you want to upload, then click the Open button.  (Note:  If you double-click the file name, you can skip clicking the Open button--a shortcut.)


4.  Verify that the file was properly uploaded and can be retrieved. 

  • Look to see a dialog box with a green "Upload Complete" message in it.
  • Click the blue "Minimize This Window" button at lower right in the box to close it. 
  • Look for your uploaded file in those now listed in your Locker.
  • Re-save it to your Desktop and try to open it, to verify that it uploaded properly.  If you can open the downloaded copy, everything went well!


Important Notes.

  • You can retrieve documents stored in School Loop at home or anywhere there is Internet.  If you save it only to your computer, you can only access the document if logged in to that computer.
  • If you need help retrieving your user name and/or password, ask any teacher at school.  In School Loop, any teacher can look up the user name and reset the password of any student.
  • *We've experienced difficulty uploading files to School Loop with the Safari web-browser.  Firefox has seemed more reliable.