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What's A Blue Point?

Blue point diagram

(Click image above for enlarged view.)

They say the best things in life are free.  If that's true, Blue Points must be the best thing ever!

Blue Points are virtual credits, given free to Hamilton 8th graders just before they say goodbye to middle school, allowing them to participate in fun and enjoyable end-of-the-year activities.

These events are organized and supported by our staff and teachers.

The Blue Point Premiere

Every eighth grader received one full share of 175 "Blue Points" on April 24, at 9:00 am, after an assembly that explained the system.  Cost?  Absolutely gratis, free of charge.

The 175 points each student received were more than enough to clear them for each and every full-class end-of-the-year activity (see list below).

Please do note, though, that some activities require purchase of a ticket, to defray costs.  In such cases, ticket purchase is required on top of, and in addition to, clearance to participate.

What To Do Now (And What Not)

Blue Points are free, but hanging onto them is what's important!

Luckily, for the majority of students, no special effort is required to preserve their Blue Points!  All the student must do is what they're already supposed to do:  basically, to be prompt, be prepared, be polite, and follow directions.

The sad part is when a staff member or teacher has compelling cause to deduct Blue Points from a student's account.  This happens if the student is late, unprepared, impolite, or seemingly unable to follow directions.  

The Blue Point Pyramid, above, shows how clearance for various activities is gradually revoked as students lose increasing numbers of Blue Points. 

End-Of-Year Activities 

Here's the list of amazing and cool activities that our staff are offering qualified Blue Point holders this year:

  • Cal State Long Beach Field Trip, May 30.   Please bring $10 to cover sack lunch and transportation costs to your fourth period teacher before May 26.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm Trip, June 9.  Tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm are $47.  Last day to purchase Knott's tickets is June 2.
  • Ice Cream Social, June 12.  Free.  Ice cream will be distributed to eligible students after lunch at the lunch benches.
  • In-House Movie, June 12.   Free.  After the ice cream party, in our Auditorium.
  • Marching to Promotion, June 15.  We're honored to recognize our happy and successful students each year, and this year will probably be especially exciting because we're planning to have three promotions instead of one!  (This is an effort we're making to properly accommodate students' guests in our Auditorium.)  The ceremonies will commence at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 1 PM.

Important Notes 

  • All activities listed above require adherence to the standard Hamilton dress code, with the exception that students may wear their Class of 2017 Hamilton T-shirt.  
  • Class of 2017 T-Shirts may be purchased for $15 through the Student Store Tuesdays and Thursdays until May 18.  The price goes up to $18 after May 18.  
  • You can purchase your 2017 Yearbook for $37 through the Student Store prior to May 18, or $40 thereafter.


2017 End-Of-Year Calendar - Hamilton MS

         May 4    -  T-Shirts, Knott's tickets, and Yearbooks go on sale.  
                          Knott's and CSULB permission slips due.
         May 18  -  Discount prices end on T-shirts, Knott's trip,
                          CSULB trip, and Yearbooks.  (Add $3 per item
                          on each price quoted above after May 18.)
         May 26  -  Last day to pay for CSULB
         May 30  -  Cal State Field Trip Per 3-Per 6
         June 2   -  Last day to buy Knott's tickets
         June 9   -  Knott’s Berry Farm 11 am - 8 pm
         June 12 -  Ice Cream Social Per 4
         June 12 -  In-House Movie  Per 5
         June 13 -  Non-Promoters Notified (Multiple F's)
         June 13 -  Academic Awards Night 6 pm-8 pm
         June 14 -  8th Grade Promotion Practice  Per 1-3
         June 15 -  8th Grade Promotion (morning)
         June 15 -  Last Day of School 
                          for 6th & 7th Graders (2:18 pm dismissal)