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H.S. Choice Open Thru Dec. 21

Simple Directions

The simple steps for parents to follow are:

  • Log into your ParentVUE account.
  • Click on the “School of Choice” tab at the lower left corner.  [Do NOT click on the Messages tab!!!]
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to register your child’s High School Choice.

Note that an instructional video is available within ParentVUE to help parents through the process. 

In addition, the trusty Long Beach Unified High School Choice team is available to help any parent or family register their Choice!  Just call them at the HS Choice Helpline, (562) 997-8306.

Why Career Day 2016 Rocked

by Who?

When I heard, "Tomorrow is Career Day--come dressed like you're going to an interview,?" all I could think was, "This is going to be so boring ... I'll have to sit and listen to an adult ramble about their career, including careers I have no interest in whatever." And so when I woke up on the morning of May 27, 2016, I was UN-excited and dreading a long day at school.

The reality, though, turned out to be very special--interesting, inspiring, and fantastic--the exact opposite of what I expected. On Career Day, other students and I learned about future paths we could follow, whether it was becoming an FBI agent, firefighter, marketer, pediatrician, or a guitarist. This day could help me find out what I wanted to become and what goals I needed to achieve to get there.

Many inspirational adults arrived at Hamilton to talk to us about their careers, and many of us were impacted in multiple ways. The Day also brought joy to the adults who participated. Many presenters explained how hard and difficult it is to have someone?s life in their hands, and many explained how stressful there life gets but still go on with their careers.  This was inspiring to me, at least, and I think also to many other students here at Hamilton.

Even though there were many careers to learn about, I was particularly interested in Dr. Lara Spence's job: she is a Naval Surgeon. Although I expected to hear about common jobs, like nursing, on Career Day, not everyone, is or can, be a Naval surgeon. Dr. Spence explained that a Naval Surgeon is a person who takes care of people with trauma in the Navy. "It's a stressful job because I constantly have someone's life in my hands," said Dr. Spence. But no matter how stressful her job gets, she's still determined to continue on her adventure of saving people's life.

Another guest who stood out for me because of his uniqueness was Michael Niger, a guitarist. It was like getting a celebrity to come to the school. Mr. Niger teaches music lessons at the Venue University in Costa Mesa. As part of his job, he demonstrates his guitar skills around the world. "The thing I mostly like about showing my skills is being able to see new things and meet new people," he said. He is able to do the tours because he practices his talent every day for 2-4 hours. Important tips for getting into a good music school, he said, include maintaining a high GPA and staying in school.

I also listened to Jessie Alexander, who by profession is a motivational speaker.  Mr. Alexander was open minded and very interactive, which made it enjoyable to listen to him and to consider his thoughts. "I want people to think and be positive to help get through their problems," explained Jessie Alexander. His main focus is to demonstrate how life can be if you have a growth mindset and tackle your problems with a positive attitude.

To me, Career Day was a success thanks to all the presenters who came to motivate the students. Other students and I gave some real thoughts to what we wanted to become and to accomplish in the future. Not only that, but the next time I hear, "Tomorrow is Career Day!" I'll be filled with anticipation, and think to myself, "Thumbs up--this is going to be cool!".