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Pie Charts With Excel

1) Start Up Excel and Open A Blank Workbook

Note you must activate Microsoft Office when you open a Microsoft app on a new computer for the first time (in our District).  For details, please follow this Microsoft Office slide show.

2) Key In Table Data

Notes:  Skip to 00:19 in video below.  (Blank workbook will be shown open!).


3) Format data for appearance.

Basic formatting only here:


4) Click and drag across data for chart.


5) Add a Pie Chart to the sheet.

Note:  when it comes time to choose "Chart", the buttons have changed. Use the one shown below.

Add a pie chart


6) Add "title" and "data labels" to chart.


7) Final Steps

Make a screenshot of your finished chart!

Open Lab 150 in Google Classroom, and Add the screenshot to the assignment.