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Setting Up A Microsoft Word Document

If you want to create a document and save it to your computer, here is what you do:

1. Open Word (click the large blue "W" at the bottom of your screen). When you see this screen, double click on "Word Document."

Microsoft Word

2. You should now see a new, blank document. Take a moment to find the alignment buttons.

Blank document

The first three buttons will align your text to the left, center, or right. The fourth button will fully align your text.

Text alignment

3. Create a header by clicking "View" and selecting "Header and Footer."

Header footer menu

4. You will now see your header. Click the "Align Right" button.

Align right

5. Type your header with your name, period, and today's date, as it is here. Then click "Close."

Set up header

6. Type your title.

Enter title

7. Highlight your title, then click the "Align Center" button.

Center align

8. Press "Enter" or "Return" twice, and click the "Align Left" button.

Align left

9. To indent, press the "Tab" key on your keyboard, and type your first paragraph.

Type paragraph

10. When you've finished your first paragraph, press "Enter" or "Return" twice, press your "Tab" key to indent, and type your second paragraph.

Enter another paragraph

11. When you've finished your document, save it to your computer by clicking "File" at the top of your screen and selecting "Save As" from the drop down menu.

Save document

12. Enter the name for your document, and click "Save."

Save file

13. You have now successfully saved this document to the computer you are currently working on, but it is a good idea to save your document to your locker so that you can access your document from any computer with internet access. See information on how you can save your document to your locker .