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Print Pictures From an Internet Search

Say that you want to find and print some pictures for a Civil War project you are working on. Here is what you can do:

1. Open Firefox and go to Google.


2. In the search bar, type what you want a picture of. For our example we'll search for Abraham Lincoln.


3. Click "Images" from the options at the top of the page. Now you should see a mess of Abraham Lincoln pictures.


4. The printers here at Hamilton will only print in black and white, so it would be helpful if we could find only black and white pictures. Click "Search Tools."

Search tools

5. You now see several ways that you can restrict your search. Click "Colors," and select "Black and White" from the drop down menu.

Black and white option

6. Now you should see only black and white pictures.

Image previews

7. Find a picture you like, and click on it.

Select image

8. Right click on the picture, and select "Save Image As."

Save image

9. Be sure that you select "Desktop" in the "Where" box, and click "Save."

Image location

10. Look on your desktop. If you saved the picture correctly, you should see your file there.

Image on desktop

11. Now you would like to find a picture of the Confederate flag. So go back to Google Images, and search for the Confederate flag.

Flag results

12. Remember that the printer will only print in black and white, but it might be nice to find a picture that you could color in later. Click "Search Tools." This time click "Type," and choose "Line Drawing."

Line drawing selection

13. Now you should see cartoon like line drawings of the Confederate flag. Choose a picture you like, and save it to your desktop as you did before.

Save flag

14. Again, check your desktop to verify that you saved correctly.

Check desktop

15. Open Powerpoint by clicking the orange "P" at the bottom of  your screen.You will see the screen below. Double click the option in the top left with the white background.

Open Powerpoint

16. Now you should see this screen:

Powerpoint screen

17. You don't need a title or subtitle for this project, so click "Layout" from the top left. Choose "Blank" from the options.

Choose blank

18. Now you should see the same screen as before, but the slide will be blank. Click on one of your pictures on the desktop, hold down the button on the mouse, and drag the picture onto your blank slide. Release the button on your mouse, and the picture should appear on your slide.

Insert picture

19. Drag the second picture onto your slide.

Add second picture

20. If your picture is too big (like this one is), you can resize the picture by clicking on one of the circles in the corners of the picture and moving in. You want to resize from the corner because it will preserve the ratio between the vertical and horizontal so that the picture doesn't look warped.

Size picture

21. Now your pictures are on your slide, and you are ready to print. Click "File" at the top of your screen, and select "Print" from the drop down menu.

Select print

22. Be sure that the correct printer is selected, and click "Print."

Print selections

23. If you would like to save your project, click "File," and select "Save As" from the drop down menu.

Save project

24. Give your project a title, and click "Save."
Project name


25. You have now saved your project to the computer you are currently using. If you would like to save to your locker so that you can access your project from any computer, see Tutorial Save Your Word Document In School Loop.