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Khan / College Board Troubleshooter

Step 0.  Bring up your username and password where you stored them, or create them again.

Step 2.  See if you can log into Khan Academy

    Yes!  Go to step 3.

    No!  Verify that Khan has your correct email by requesting a password reset
           Yes! Khan sent me a email message.
                Do this:  Visit Outlook and reset your Khan password.
                Now try the login again (Step 2).
           No!  Khan displays an error message.
                Do this:  Click the “sign up” link and set up a new account with your correct email.

Step 3.  Can you log into College Board? 

    Yes!  Go to step 4.

    No!  Does College Board have your correct email? 

         Yes!  Do this:  Log into Outlook.  Open the College Board email, and write down the exact username

                  you have at College Board (you can change this later in Settings if it's not exactly right). 

                  Then do a Forgot Password:  you have the necessary username and email.  Carefully

                  reset your College Board password--the one beginning with your initials--to its correct

                  value (check the info you saved to be sure you know what it's supposed to be).  Remember,

                  passwords are case-sensitive.  In other words, capital letters are NOT the same as lowercase! 

                  Finally re-try this step, using your verified College Board username and password to log in.

        No!  Do this:  Create a new College Board account.  Use June 2021 for the graduation date.

                Enter 90805 for ZIP code.  Don't enter any parent information.  Use your correct Google-ID

                email address.  Note:  If College Board complains about the username, change it by

                adding an additional letter to the end (for example, change BD019283182 to BD019283182A).  

                Then re-try this step.

                P.S.  Don’t forget to copy any changes you make to your stored information!

Step 4.  Can you link your accounts?  Find out:

  • Log into Khan
  • Click on your name
  • Choose Settings.
  • Scroll down to find College Board.
  • Does the button say "DISconnect from College Board?"

        Yes!  Do this:  Show your teacher and get that signature!
        No.  Do this:  Log into College Board.  Log into Khan.  On both sites, check Settings, to see whether 

        both sites have the same, correct email address for you.  (Probably at least one is wrong.)

        Fix the mistake, then save.  Close all browser windows then re-open and try this step again.