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Create a Khan Academy Account


1. Open the Khan Academy main page shown at right.  Then click the green link, "Sign up with email." Khan Academy



2.  Fill in your first and last name, then key in your Cloud ID (aka your Outlook email address).  Use the drop-down boxes to select your birthday.  Finally click Sign Up.

Add your details

3.  A popup message will appear, saying Khan Academy has sent you an email.


To view the message, you can highlight, copy, and paste the orange text below into the address bar at right.  Then log in.   [Note:  Command-C copies things on a Mac, command-V pastes them.]  

Email message



4.  Among your messages in Outlook find the one from Khan Academy Accounts that looks like the one at right.  Double-click the message to open it, then click the green button, "Finish signing up."





5. A new dialog box will appear, requesting a username, password, and other information.  Enter the Khan Academy user name that you wrote down for the first challenge (the one beginning with your initials).  Also enter the corresponding password, which will also start with your initials.  Then click Signup.

Sign up



6.  If the pictures you see at right pop up, choose one of the first three avatars on the top row to represent you.  You can choose from "Leaf," "Leafers", or "Πceratops", but note that the other avatars are locked.


Later, you can unlock the other avatars by doing Khan Academy activities, such as taking the PSAT practice test.  Meanwhile, just make a selection, and click Save.

Select avatar

7.  Show the teacher your name in the top right corner of the Khan screen to get your second signature.  

Get signature


8.  Now don't forgetg to LOG OUT of Khan Academy!!  Note:  Logging out is very important, because Cloud-based websites like Khan use "sticky authentication".  That means, if you are using a public computer like this one, it will think the next user is YOU, unless you specifically log out.  


Keep yourself safe by clicking your NAME in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and choosing Log out.

Log out


9.  When you log out of Khan Academy, you will see the "Tree of Knowledge" shown at right.


Next step?  Do Tutorial 08, Create a College Board Account!