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Link Khan Academy Account to the College Board

This Tutorial shows how to connect your Khan Academy account to your College Board account.  


Giving Khan Academy permission to access your PSAT scores lets Khan recommend just the practice you need to get great scores on your SAT.


Great SAT scores will help you:

  1. Get admitted to an excellent school.
  2. Get loans and scholarships to pay for everything.






Below you see how to --

  • Bring up the Khan Academy Main page ( and sign in.
  • Find the Subjects page and SAT / Test Prep section.
  • Activate College Board site from inside Khan, and pass its security check.
  • Grant permission for Khan to access your test scores. 

A.  Open Khan Academy's login  page, shown at right.


Use the information you got off of the Login Generator page to enter your Khan Academy username and password--the ones starting with your initials!!


Then click the Sign in button at the bottom.


Sign in

B.  Your personal home page now appears, showing your name in two places.  Don't click your name.


Find and click the word  "Subjects" in the upper lefthand corner.

Select subjects


C. This Subjects page appears, showing major areas covered by Khan Academy video lessons--stuff like music, medicine, computer programming, and astronomy.


Find "SAT" (a small link in the upper righthand corner, under Test Prep) and click it.




Select SAT

D. Khan Academy now invites you either to connect to College Board, or to start practicing on your own.


For today, choose choice A.




Choice A


E.  If your Khan account isn't yet linked to the College Board, here is what you'll see.  


Note the button that says "Sign in to", on the left.  [If your account is already linked to College Board, this button will not be visible.  Instead there will be a box marked, "Test results from", indicating that your accounts are linked.]


Click the Sign in to College Board button!


Sign in

F.  Without you doing anything, your browser goes to the College Board website.  


As shown at right, College Board will put up a security check, to be sure it is you who are visiting.


Enter your College Board password (the one starting with your initials), and click Sign In.

Enter password

G.  A Request for Approval screen appears.  Click the green button, "Send".

Send approval

H.  A confirmation dialog box opens, "Allow Khan Academy to share your activity with College Board."   Click the blue button, "Allow".

Share activity

I.  A screen will appear briefly, saying "Connecting to College Board...", then "Great, you're connected."  These messages will disappear by themselves.


You will now be back at the SAT page, but this time, you'll see the "Test Results" box, indicating that your account is linked.


Show this to your teacher for your final signature!!

Results page

J.  Don't forget to LOG OUT of the College Board site!!



Congratulations!  You have completed the College Board / Khan Academy challenge!  Give your completed scoring sheet and your Reward Request to your teacher.  And THEN be sure to:

  • LOG OUT of Khan Academy.
  • LOG OUT of College Board.
  • LOG OUT of Outlook.

WARNING--Closing a browser will NOT log you out of these sites--they use persistent authentication.  So LOG OUT of the sites carefully, then ALSO close the browser.