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12 Obtain Access to Google Drive

Objectives: In this exercise you will access your Google Drive, perhaps for the first time, and then request access to a Google Group.  This tutorial was designed by and for members of the Hamilton Technology Team.

Requirements:  You need a PC or Mac with a modern browser (Chrome version 47 or better; Firefox version 39 or better).  Note:  If you  haven't heard, Internet Explorer is now an "ex-browser," since Microsoft dropped support for it this year.   RIP IE: 1995–2015!




Navigate to the Hamilton webpage.  In the menu at the top, hover over Staff, and choose “Committees”.

Hamilton web page


On the Technology Team page, at the top of the left-hand column, under “Handy Links”, click Google Drive.

Technology team page


Sign in with a Gmail address and password.  Note:  If you haven't made yourself a free Gmail account yet, click “Create account” to make one.

Google sign in page


In the upper right-hand corner of the browser window, click the “phone pad” icon.   A box showing icons for a host of Google goodies appears.  Click the "delta" symbol marked "Drive", just below the middle, to bring up Google Drive.  Congratulations!  Your are looking at your Google Drive page.  [Very important note:  to get directly to Drive, you can simply key in the URL

Google apps


Next, go to the Tech Team's Google Group page, by returning to the Tech Team page on Hamilton website.  Click the tab in your browser that says Hamilton Middle School.  In the left-hand column of the page, under “Handy Links”, click 015 Tech Team Google Group.

Technology Team group


The 2015 Tech Team Google Group opens.  Where it says "Apply for membership or contact the owner", click "Apply for membership."

Google Tech Team Group


Now click the blue button at bottom, “Apply to join this group”.

Join 2015 Tech Team Group


A “membership pending” screen appears.  Please, don't just wait for approval!  Be proactive, and take a moment to go to Groupwise and email this group’s owner (in this case Mr. Creamer).  Let him know you demand quick service to get approved!