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About ParentVue (English)

Get the Big Picture On Your Child's Progress

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ParentVue is a new LBUSD website that lets parents see their children’s current and historical academic information, including daily attendance, grades, report cards, test scores, discipline, graduation status, college readiness, and more.  And it does that securely and at no cost.

ParentVue does not replace SchoolLoop.  SchoolLoop is still the place you should go for daily information on your child’s classroom quiz scores, to find out how they did on particular assignments, and to learn which assignments were turned in and which may be overdue.

Unlike SchoolLoop, however, ParentVue focuses on college readiness and high-school graduation requirements.  Parents may review information on all of their children, from elementary through high school, including their behavior, math and language proficiencies, and their scores on State tests.  The site also includes useful links to parent services such as MySchoolBucks (school meal accounts). 

So ParentVue really is something new!—and it’s both helpful and informative.  You can access it online, or you can download an iPhone or Android app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play, respectively.  But how do you gain access?

All parents must use a seven-character “access code” to activate their ParentVue account.  If you have the code in hand, and you know the exact name that we have on file for you, you can activate your account online through a 3-step process at   Your access code is contained in an “activation letter” which we sent out earlier this year.  The same letter shows  the exact name we have on file for you.  If you did not receive an activation letter, please visit our front office for assistance.

Right-click this link:  ParentVue:  A New Website for Parents for screenshots showing the various types of information ParentVue provides.  Or, right-click this link:  Getting Started With ParentVue for step-by-step directions to activate ParentVue and log in.  (Remember, you need your access code to get activated!  But you won't need it after that.)