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Attendance Workshop

Parents Gain Insight From Breakfast Attendance Workshop



Last Wednesday, Sept. 17, Hamilton parents and students met for breakfast in our Parent Center to discuss attendance concerns and solutions.  The participants received invitations based on the number of absences their student accrued last year.

The group, led by Hamilton Program Specialist Danyett Armstrong, first watched a video, then considered crucial points:

  • The classroom instruction time that students lose due to absences really does add up.
  • Research has shown that missing just 18 school days per year drastically sets students back academically.

The group then brainstormed ways to help students get to school on time.  Among the ideas offered:

  • Parents can help each other by carpooling with others in their neighborhood.
  • Students can make sure they get to bed on time in order to wake up and be prepared.
  • Parents can schedule doctor’s appointments either before or after school.

In a  survey taken at the end of the workshop, parents said it had given them new insight on the consequences of student absenteeism and how to combat it.

If you would like to participate in our next workshop like this, or if you are interested in what was presented, please call Ms. Armstrong at (562) 602-0302 ext. 226 (email   The PowerPoint slide show that Ms. Armstrong gave also contains useful and interesting information (download it by right-clicking the link).