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Create a College Board Account

1.  Open the College Board student account creation page in a new tab.  You will be filling in most of this information--see details below--except you will skip all the parent information.

Open College Board

2.  Enter your first name, last name, gender, and date of birth.

Enter details

3.  Enter your Cloud ID / Outlook email address twice (the one that says "").

Enter ID information

4.  Enter June 2021 as the month and year you expect to graduate High School.  Then also enter your ZIP code, if you know it.  [If not, enter 90805, the zip code for Hamilton.]

Enter information

5.  For "Where do you go to school?," key in "Alexander H".  Then find and click Alexander Hamilton Middle School in the drop-down menu, as shown.

Enter school

6.  Skip over the "Filter by School Zip" section.  Then enter the username and password you wrote down for the first challenge (the username and password beginning with your initials).  You must enter the password twice.

Enter user credentials

7.  For the security question, use either "mother's maiden name" or "name of your first pet", as you chose in the first challenge.  Enter the answers you previously recorded.

Security questions




8.  Now SKIP all parent information!  Instead, just scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click the checkbox, "I agree with the Terms & Conditions."  Click the blue button, "Next".

Agree to terms

9.  A verification screen appears, repeating the information you entered, with empty checkboxes at left.  If everything looks OK, put a check in every box as shown, and click "Confirm".


10.  A screen appears, saying that your account has been created.  Click "click here".

Account creation

11.  The College Board main page opens and displays your College Board user name.  


Click the fourth link, "My Plan".

Select My Plan

12.  In bright green letters on the lefthand side of the screen you'll see your first name.  Find this and show your teacher to get your third signature.

View your name

13.  It's important to sign out of Outlook and Khan Academy, because they use "sticky authentication."  The same is true of College Board, so you mustn't forget to sign out.


Look in the upper right-hand corner of this page to find and click the blue "Sign out" link.

Sign out


14.  When you sign out of College Board, the site goes back to its login (Welcome) screen, as shown at right.


Final step?  It's time to do Tutorial 9, Link Khan Academy Account to The College Board.

Complete tutorial 9