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School Climate

How Students Feel About Hamilton

Have You Heard This Good News?...

Each year our Safe & Civil Schools Committee polls students to see how they feel about Hamilton.  Our faculty and staff review these answers for guidance to create an ever-better teaching and learning environment.

The latest numbers are cause for celebration.   From 4 out of 5 to nine out of ten students not only feel safe at Hamilton, but they also recall their lessons on good behavior, and acknowledge Hamilton teachers for motivating them to do excellent work.  Here are some details:

Safe School Zone Hamilton Kids Feel Safe!  Seven out of eight Hamilton students say they feel safe in our classrooms.  Awesome!
teacher at desk clipart Hamilton Kids Appreciate Our Teachers!  Over five out of six students give Hamilton teachers a nod for making sure they know how to get help if they fall behind.  And more than four out of five say our faculty members motivate them to do their best work. Terrific!
training icon

Hamilton Students Do Behavior Training!  Students acknowledge completing our school behavior training, which covers situations both on and off campus.  Yay!


The charts below compile the data on which the summary above is based.

Feel safe data

Teacher data


Behavior data