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10 Earn Your Bootstrap Technology Badge

technology merit badge

Every teacher should earn one of Hamilton's Technology Merit Badges, shown above, for free, through completing the requirements for our "Bootstrap Level" Technology Merit Pin!

Aspirants must accomplish the 4 Bold Deeds, listed below, to earn this award.   Click the links below to see pictorial directions for each Deed.   Estimated times of completion are shown.  Plan on taking about 45 minutes to finish them all.

     - The "Four Bold Deeds" -

  1. Create a Professional Page.  (20 min)
  2. Request Lab Portal Access.  (7 min)
  3. Add a Hyperlink to your Lab Page.  (8 min)
  4. Join the Technology Discussion Board.  (10 min)

When finished, you will appreciative recognition plus a sparkling jewelry-quality pin at an upcoming faculty meeting.  Please email Mr. Creamer ahead of the event at when that happy time comes; thank you.

Go Wolverines!