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Become A Web Leader

Become A WEB Leader!

Gain Personal Growth Through Service

Each spring, Hamilton staff nominate over 150 seventh graders to guide our newest 6th graders through their fears.  Many apply, but only 60 exceptional students will be selected to serve as WEB Leaders.

Today, the influence of WEB Leaders is ever more remarkable in schools across the country.  Hamilton’s recruits for 2016-2017 have until April 22nd to apply.

What is WEB?

WEB stands for “Where Everybody Belongs.”   WEB is a middle school orientation/transition program designed to help incoming 6th graders feel safe, feel informed, and connect to school in a positive way.

Middle school can be challenging and frightening.  Studies have shown that stress due to an unfamiliar school environment is a significant cause of reduced academic achievement and poor social adjustment.  Eighth graders have gone through, and are already familiar with, many challenges that middle school poses, so they know first-hand how overwhelming things can seem. 

Furthermore, at any level of middle school, students are subject to bullying. WEB helps alleviate those fears as the WEB Leaders act as big brothers and sisters to prevent bullying. WEB gives older students permission to look for, stop and report any negative behavior they see.  Concerned teachers know that the only real way to stop bullying at their school is to create a school where everybody watches, everybody shows respect and Where Everybody Belongs.  

What’s a WEB Leader?

Hamilton’s WEB program is now beginning its eighth year.  Leaders donate two days of their time during the summer for training, and another day to run the 6th grade Orientation a week before school starts (see video below).

WEB Leaders are 8th graders who are excellent role models and have been successful at Hamilton. They mentor a group of 10-12 incoming 6th graders.

WEB Leaders represent a cross-section of the school, so that every student who looks at the leadership group will see at least one leader they feel is “like them”.

WEB Leaders have kindness at the core of their being.  The goal is for WEB leaders to be “the kindest kids in the school.”

Do You Have What It Takes?

If being a WEB Leader sounds like something for you, it's time to apply.  For an application, see Ms. Dobbs, Hamilton WEB Coordinator, in Room 710 ASAP.  Remember, the deadline for submission is one week from next Friday!