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09 Sign Up for The Auditorium

For this example, assume you are "Mr. Smith," new sound engineer, Room 210, and you want to reserve the Auditorium during periods 1 and 2 on Friday November 21 for a sound check. Here's what you do:

1. Log into SchoolLoop at

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click "Groups."

Select groups

3. Select "Auditorium Signup."

Select sign up

4. To get a broad view of availability, click the small gold calendar, which displays "Month View."

Select calendar

5. On the Month View, find the day you want to reserve, and verify that the periods you want to reserve are not taken. (Things look ok for our example.)

Select day

6. If you might like to negotiate, you can hover your mouse over the listing to see the details.

View listing details

7. To create a new listing, click the number in the box for the desired day on the calendar. For this example you would click "21," for November 21.

Select date

8. Hover your mouse over "Add Events," in the upper left hand corner. Select "General Event."

Event option

9. On the New Event screen, the date should be already filled in correctly, but check to make sure it is.

Verify details

10. Now add your information under "When and Where" and "Event", as Mr. Smith did below. Pay special attention to the title because that's what will appear on the calendar. Use this format: 1) Room Number 2) Your last name 3) Description of use 4) Period(s) of reservation. When everything is filled in, click "Publish."

Enter information

11. Click the small gold "Month View" calendar to verify that everything saved correctly.