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13 Add A Shared Folder to Your Drive

Objectives: In this exercise you check your Gmail account for a message from the Tech Team group.  If you are approved as a contributor, a file or folder will be shared.  You can first add this to your Drive, then open it, with the possible option of being able to manipulate the contents. 

Important:  Folders and documents are shareable both with and without editing privileges.  Further, some documents, such as spreadsheets, may allow certain portions of themselves only to be edited.  This tutorial was designed by and for members of the Hamilton Technology Team.

Requirements:  You need a PC or Mac with a modern browser (Chrome version 47 or better; Firefox version 39 or better).  Note:  If you're just hearing, Internet Explorer is now an "ex-browser"!--Microsoft dropped support for it this year in favor of their new browser, "Edge".   RIP IE: 1995–2015!




First, log into Gmail to check your messages, by entering into your browser.  Note that if you use the same computer from which you last logged onto gmail, Google will remember you at that machine and display your name and gmail address.  You'll simply need to enter your password to sign in.




Check for a message from 2015 Tech Team, saying your request to join was approved.  If no such message is visible, Mr. Creamer probably hasn't yet seen your request.  Did you email him to demand quick service?  If you do have a message from Tech Team,
double-click on it to open.

Request approved


Look for the blue button at the bottom of the message, saying “Visit the group.”  Click it.

Visit the group


The 2015 Tech Team screen opens.
Double-click “Invitation to collaborate (2)”.

Tech team screen



Your invitation to contribute appears.  Click the blue “Open” button at the end of this message to accept.

Accept invitation


A new window opens, displaying the contents of the shared folder or document in read-only form.  (IMPORTANT--THIS PART IS WHERE PEOPLE GO WRONG!)  Before opening ANYTHING, FIRST click the blue “Add to Drive” button at the upper right of your browser window.

Add to Drive



A message briefly appears, saying the shared folder was added to your Drive account.  The text on the button will also change to “Open in Drive”.  Click this new “Open in Drive” button. 

Open Drive


Your Drive screen appears, again showing thumbnails for any shared documents. Unlike before, however, these documents are fully available to you to manipulate. 

Drive documents