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07 Add A Link To Your Lab Page

If you want to post a link to your lab page for a lab activity, this is what you should do:

1.  Find the page you want to post a link to. For this example, we’ll use the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We’ll start by using Google to find the page.

Locate page

2. After you have opened the page, highlight the web address, right click, and select copy.

Copy URL

3. Now go to your Computer Lab Portal, and select your subject.

Select subject

4. Click on your name from the list.

Select name

5. You should be on your own page. Click “Edit.”

Edit page

6. Click into the text editor and type in a name for your link. For example:

Add link name

7. Highlight your text and click “Add Link.”

Add link

8. Now you will see this box. Delete the text from the box. Then right click on the box.


9. Now Select paste.


10. The web address that you copied earlier should be in the box. If it is press “Enter.”

Verify web address

11. Now your link name should be blue and underlined which indicates it is a link. Be sure to click “Save.”


12. Now you should see your lab page with the link that you have just created. Click on the link to make sure it works.

Check page

13. And it works!


The following video goes over the same steps again, "live"!  How much do you remember?