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2015 Fundraiser

Wow! A New Kind of Fundraiser!?

Get A Student Seller ID And Sell Stuff Online by Nov. 17 for Prizes

Hamilton's annual fundraiser has begun, running from Tuesday, November 2 through Tuesday, November 17, a two-week campaign this year--but with a new and surprising wrinkle! 

The twist:  for the first time ever, students are encouraged to solicit customers via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, even direct email.

Heavenly Delights catalog Jolly catalog

Above:  Merchandise Catalogs for Hamilton's 2015 Fundraiser.  [Note:  Right-click and choose Save File As... to download these catalogs of elegant gifts and treats!]

Student fundraising has a long and honored history at Hamilton.  We have sold chocolate bars, magazines, even cookie dough, to raise money for school activities.  Student sellers have always earned points toward prizes for motivation.  This year there are more prizes than ever, including a mystery gift for parents for students who sell more than 10 items.

BAM Prizes

Seller Prizes, Levels A Through L.  [Note:  Click above to view larger image, or, right click, then choose Save File As... to download full-size PDF prize poster.]

There are two significant innovations to this year's fundraising:  One, the variety of available items is greatly increased--see catalogs above for examples.  And two, customers can order from anywhere in the world, using their credit cards.  Students can custom-write a sales pitch to be auto-delivered by email, even create a display ad featuring especially desirable products and containing a clickable link, to post on their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

To do online sales, you need a working email address.  Here's how to get started:

  • First, key in the Hamilton Group ID number below, where it says "REGISTER HERE!".  Our Group ID number is A1148252 (you can copy and paste that).  Click Go.
  • A Registration Form opens in another tab.  Key in your first and last name.  Also enter your email address and your first-period teacher's last name.  Click Next.
  • A new form will open, and your Seller ID will be displayed!  Your Seller ID is important!--copy it, save it, write it down.  You will need it to check your sales or send out more emails. 
  • Note there is also a textbox on this form, where you can write your sales appeal.  (If you enter nothing, the default Auto Message will be sent instead.)
  • Below the text box, there are boxes for entering the email addresses of people you want to contact.  To reassure you and your customers, Midland Fund Raising has pledged to treat personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. as private information.  They will not sell this information or share it with third parties.
  • Finally copy and save your personal sales URL (visible after you register, under the words "You can shop online at").  Note that your sales URL ends with your Seller ID number.  Any merchandise sold via that URL generates prizes for you.  You are free to publicize and distribute the URL/weblink through Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Once you have keyed in the email addresses of potential customers, click "Send Emails".  Congratulations! You've invited customers to see what's on sale, buy something they like, and help fund our school activities.  You've ALSO invited them to help YOU earn prizes!

REMEMBER:  You receive prize credit for every item you sell!  The more you sell, the more prizes you earn!

Important Note to Hamilton friends and student supporters:  NO CHECKS PLEASE!! Online payment by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.  In-Person Sales by Cash or Money Order only.  

Hamilton Fall 2015 Fund-Raiser:  Important Dates

Sale Starts:  Tuesday, Nov. 3

Sale Ends & Money Due:  Tuesday, Nov. 17

Product Will Deliver:  Before the holiday break

Sponsoring Company:  Midland Fund Raising / 3088 E. Commercial Drive / Midland, MI 48642 / Toll Free Nationwide: 1-800-624-3050