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Our Mission

To guide every student in the journey toward academic excellence, personal success, and responsible citizenship.

Our Vision

A civil community of self-empowered learners inspired to succeed in all aspects of life.

Have You Moved?

Did your family move recently? Do you have a new phone? Parents, please notify us of changes.  You can update the information yourself through ParentVUE (click the "Student Info" tab on the left side, then click "Edit Information").  Or, stop by our Counseling Office and complete a new Emergency Card to make the change.
Today: 6/24/18

2017-18 Bell Schedules

REGULAR BELL SCHEDULE (Monday through Friday!)

Warning Bell       8:55 am

Period 1    9:00 – 10:00

Period 2    10:05 – 11:01

Period 3    11:06 – 12:02

Lunch        12:02 – 12:37

Period 4    12:42 – 1:38

Period 5    1:43 – 2:39

Period 6    2:44 – 3:40


MINIMUM DAY (See the Calendar!)

Warning Bell    8:55 am

Period 1    9:00 – 9:43 

Period 2    9:48 – 10:31

Period 3    10:36 – 11:19

LUNCH     11:19 – 11:54

Period 4    11:59 – 12:42

Period 5    12:47 – 1:30

Period 6    1:35 – 2:18

Free Laptop & Low-Cost Internet Offered To Hamilton Families

Hamilton Middle School proudly announces that we've teamed up with the City of Long Beach and the nonprofit organization Human-I-T to help our students and families get low-cost internet and computer access at home.

Nowadays, access to technology and internet in the home are key to student success.  The goal of Human-I-T is to help those families who are not connected or who are paying too much for internet.

In addition to connecting families with affordable internet access, the Human-I-T group has arranged for 75 families to receive a free laptop, free wifi hotspot device, and free internet service for 2 months--a total value of $400.

Hurry!  For a limited time, you can register to be eligible for these free resources via this online application form, or you can text the word “HAMILTON” to (562) 372-6925.  Good luck, and we'll see you online!

Computadora portátil gratis e Internet a bajo costo para las familias de Hamilton

La ciudad de Long Beach, la escuela Hamilton Middle School y el grupo sin fines de lucro Human-I-T, presentan con orgullo el programa human-I-T Connect Long Beach.

Hamilton Middle School entiende que tener acceso a la tecnología y al Internet en el hogar es la clave para tener éxito tanto dentro como fuera de la escuela. Sin embargo, obtener internet de bajo costo es un obstáculo.

Es por eso que las familias de Hamilton ahora son elegibles para recibir asistencia de human-I-T para garantizar que tengan acceso a planes de Internet a bajo costo y una computadora portátil gratis. Human-I-T está aquí para ayudar a quienes no están conectados o están pagando demasiado por internet. Aproveche este recurso gratuito disponible por tiempo limitado.

También se seleccionarán 75 familias para recibir una computadora portátil gratis, un dispositivo de conexión wifi gratuito y servicio de Internet por 2 meses (valor total de $ 400). ¡Regístrate ahora!

Our State Accountability Reports

Hamilton's Report Card

State law requires all public schools to create a School Accountability Report Card (SARC).  The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about your child's school.  Directions to Hamilton's SARC are attached.





High School Readiness Index:  Are You Ready for High School?

Research shows the following factors strongly affect your chance of graduating from high school.  How well do they describe YOU?

  •   My Grade Point Average (GPA) is 2.5 or above.
  •   My attendance is at least 96% or better.
  •   I have no D's or F's in English/Language Arts.
  •   I have no D's or F's in math.
  •   I have not been suspended.

Q:  Why does attendance matter?
Less than half of middle school students who were absent 8 or more days in a school year ended up graduating high school.

Q:  Why does GPA matter?
Only 4% of those students who left middle school with less than a 2.0 GPA graduated high school.

Q:  Why do ELA/Math grades matter?
Only three percent of students who had D's / F's in middle school ELA and math graduated from high school.

Conclusion:  Your effort in Middle School sets the path for high school.  Do the right thing now!

Hamilton News

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Hamilton Root of The Week


    Campus Candids

    Tryout Permission Slips

    Get Your Permission Slip Below! - Student athletes, would you like to try out for a Hamilton team?  Very cool!  To forestall liability concerns that may arise if you become injured or ill during tryouts, you must do the following:

    • Download and print the form at this link.
    • Get your parent/guardian to complete and sign it.
    • Return to the coach who's conducting the tryouts.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

    We love to hear from parents!  (Click here!)

    Preguntas? Comentarios? Preocupaciones?

    Nos encanta escuchar de los Padres!  (Haga click aqui!)

    Mobile App Center

    Smartphone Logo Click below for a scannable QR code that will send your Android or iOS device to the app install page!

    School Loop



    Online Math Support for Grades 6-12 Click Here.

    REDcards for Hamilton

    If you have a Target debit or credit card, did you know that Target will donate a portion of your purchases to Hamilton? 


    Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.28.09 PM.png

    Yes!  Our school has already received over $2,500 through this program.

    Taking responsibility for a debit or credit card is serious business!  Be sure to investigate the pros and cons of any card before you apply for one.  As an example, for the Target cards, you might look here, here, here, and here

    Finally, if you already have a Target card, or have decided that the benefits of having one outweigh the risks, click here or on the image above to apply.  And don't forget to enter Code 32321 to designate Hamilton MS as the beneficiary of your contributions!