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Back To School Night for Parents!


Tuesday, September 30, 14

Minimum Day - Dismissal at 2:18 pm

Title I Meeting in the auditorium at 6:00 pm

Classroom Visits:  6:20 - 7:45 pm

On September 30 we're inviting parents Back to School!  We're opening each of your child's classrooms to give you a better understanding of the content and expectations for each of your child's classes.  On Monday, Sept. 29th, your child will bring home a copy of his/her schedule for your use at tomorrow's Back to School evening.  Your students' schedule is also available on School Loop.  This evening is planned for parents only!

You'll visit your child's classrooms by following his/her regular daily schedule, and the teachers will share their specific expectations and classroom standards.  Since the teachers will be focusing on presenting an overview of their curriculum, there won't be time for discussions about individual students.  Sign-up sheets will be available if you wish to schedule an individual conference with a given teacher.

Our principal, assistant principal, counselor, and program facilitator will also be on hand to answer questions.

Noche de Regreso a la Escuela para Padres de Familia


Martes, 30 de Septiembre de 2014

Este Será Un Día Mínimo - La Salida a las 2:18 pm

Bienvenido e introducción en el auditorio a las 6:00 pm

Visitas a las salones:  6:20 - 7:45 pm

Los invitamos el 30 de Septiembre, 2014 al evento La Noche de Regreso a la Escuela!  Nosotros abriremos los salones de clases de sus hijos para brindarles un mejor entendimiento sobre el contenido y las expectativas para cada una de las materias de sus hijos.  Su hijo/a llevara a casa una copia del itinerario de clases para su uso durante esa noche  Este itinerario tambien esta disponible en School Loop.  ¡Este evento está organizado para padres únicamente!

Usted visitara los salones de clases de su hijo/a siguiendo el itinerario diario y sus maestros compartirán sus expectativas especificas y normas del aua.  Debido a que los maestros estarán concentrados en presentar su curriculo, ellos no tendrán tiempo para discutir individualmente asuntos relacionados de cada alumno.  Hojas de registro estarán disponibles si ustedes desean fijar una conferencia individual con los maestros.

El director, subdirector, y consejero estaremos disponibles si usted tiene algunas preguntas durante la Noche de Regreso a la Escuela.

Parents Gain Insight From Breakfast Attendance Workshop



Last Wednesday, Sept. 17, Hamilton parents and students met for breakfast in our Parent Center to discuss attendance concerns and solutions.  The participants received invitations based on the number of absences their student accrued last year.

The group, led by Hamilton Program Specialist Danyett Armstrong, first watched a video, then considered crucial points:

  • The classroom instruction time that students lose due to absences really does add up.
  • Research has shown that missing just 18 school days per year drastically sets students back academically.

The group then brainstormed ways to help students get to school on time.  Among the ideas offered:

  • Parents can help each other by carpooling with others in their neighborhood.
  • Students can make sure they get to bed on time in order to wake up and be prepared.
  • Parents can schedule doctor’s appointments either before or after school.

In a  survey taken at the end of the workshop, parents said it had given them new insight on the consequences of student absenteeism and how to combat it.

If you would like to participate in our next workshop like this, or if you are interested in what was presented, please call Ms. Armstrong at (562) 602-0302 ext. 226 (email   The PowerPoint slide show that Ms. Armstrong gave also contains useful and interesting information.  You can download it by right-clicking this link.

Hurray for Hamilton Students & Staff!

Have You Heard This Good News?...

Each year our Safe & Civil Schools Committee polls students to see how they feel about Hamilton.  Our faculty and staff review these answers for guidance to create an ever-better teaching and learning environment.

The latest numbers are cause for celebration.   From 4 out of 5 to nine out of ten students not only feel safe at Hamilton, but they also recall their lessons on good behavior, and acknowledge Hamilton teachers for motivating them to do excellent work.  Here are some details:

Safe_School_Zone_Small.png Hamilton Kids Feel Safe!  Seven out of eight Hamilton students say they feel safe in our classrooms.  Awesome!
teacher-at-desk_alpha.png Hamilton Kids Appreciate Our Teachers!  Over five out of six students give Hamilton teachers a nod for making sure they know how to get help if they fall behind.  And more than four out of five say our faculty members motivate them to do their best work. Terrific!

Hamilton Students Do Behavior Training!  Students acknowledge completing our school behavior training, which covers situations both on and off campus.  Yay!


The charts below compile the data on which the summary above is based. (Click each chart for a larger view.)






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Today: 10/1/14

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